Somehow I've Always Known

by Headwires

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released July 22, 2016

Headwires is:
Lucas Smith: Guitars.
Jesse McClendon: Bass.
Dakota Wright: Guitars, vocals.
Nick Bryant: Drums

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Stidham at Atlas F Studio in Athens, AL.
Produced by Headwires and Ryan Stidham.
All songs written by Headwires except Matrimony, written by Headwires and Hunter Dawson.
Guest vocals on "Scarlet Fades Today" by Josh Allen.
Album art by Anna Howard.



all rights reserved


Headwires Alabama

Honest and loud.


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Track Name: OWLs
You are an empty home, reverberating discordant
Born and dead in the same damned breath
I wait. I can't. I kill it 'til it's breathing again
You are the iron lung. Force me alive
Pumping air so I can howl these crimes to the moon
Hanging like my head when you said it:

If you don't, then why did you say you did?
Like I'd breathe you in
It's living in me
If you don't, then why'd you shake off the rust
For me to hold in my lungs?
You're hanging on me

Wasted so much time digging my own grave
Spent none of it picking out the box I'd bury myself in
And watched the paint fade and peel around me
As you sent your worms, your worst
To chew through the arms that held me
You're waking

If you don't, then why did you say you did?
Like I'd breathe you in
It's living in me
If you don't, then why'd you shake off the rust
For me to hold in my lungs?
You're hanging on me
Track Name: Bookends
Never could trust in her claim
No heaven darkens my door
Or shows its hard-earned years beneath my eyes
Walked the same tired miles
Held broken smiles
When the light in our own hands and hearts is held by someone else

Hey. Could be a jungle out there.

One more sinking feeling
In a fleeting moment
Between sleepless lips where fear and doubt live
Desperation flickers
Desperation fades
And desolation keeps it floating
Onward, into something else today

Holy doesn't speak without foundations to bring down
Around its ankles and its knees with the dirt you keep
And won't the truth stick to your feet
And wrap around your tongue and teeth
Just like the way you used to do those things to me?
Track Name: Choke
Breathe and inhale you
I tried so hard to find your answer there
And every memory of you
Crawls into my bed, you drag me in
Met my match
I cut it close

Burn away my world
Or get a day away from you
But what you'll never take
From me if the way
I choke beneath the weight of you

Breathe and exhale you
I thought I had an answer to you then
Sick and fucking fed
Up. Give me that spark around my neck again
Met my match.
I stood too close.

Burn away my world
Or get a day away from you
But what you'll never take
From me is the way
I choke beneath the weight of you
Track Name: Somehow I've Always Known
Felt the chain snap just in time to lighten the load
Or hide behind your mirrors and smoke
It's looking grey out there in the wild where we were from
Are you trapped where time doesn't exist
And ignorance is bliss?
I'm alive. Don't nail it shut just yet.

I'm one more year spent trapped under the rust
Strapped on my wings and flew too close to the sun
I felt the pages turning, stirring dust up between us
One more day to kill the ache in my head
And one more song to pay your dues to the dead
Tonight it's me against the end

Against the grain
Stuck in the way
Up in arms over this clouded heart again
Tossed away
Just one more day
Won't your fading words land in my hand again?
Track Name: Maya
We build our own cages
To lie and and gather the rain
That spills from between
Your smiling teeth and the sheets
That we hold below us
You lined the walls
The frame of every doorway
It matched your own
And led into empty vessels just like you

Carry me on board and take me higher and higher still.
Track Name: San Dimas
I'm just one more creature staring into the sun
How could you blame anyone?
And won't the name I wrapped so tight around my wrist
Give it one more little twist?
Walked a hundred miles
Held onto everything there
And once the grease and dust settle or pull me in
What can you say then?

Heard you caving in
Scorched me, desert air
One call could break the bow

Heard a call for the boys. Their gunners came marching in.
Just one more dream of the end
Hold me against the bottom
Pull me closer again
And once the grease and dust settle or pull me in
Won't you tell me again?
Walk one more hundred miles.
Hold onto everything there.

Felt your beating wind
Scorching desert air
This fear makes me miss the misery of missing you to death
This call could break the bow
Track Name: Scarlet Fades Today
No more cheating hearts
It fades

What a way to travel
Blow through on whims and borrowed wings
Just to break them when he needs them most
Then flee his roost
He falls through

No more cheating hearts
It fades

These mud-soaked praying knees are worn to the bone
And my love, it feels the same
But crawls endlessly toward nothing.
Track Name: It's Always Darkest
I came running every time you said the word
Your haves and have-nots built this house
And won't you step forward into the light?
Won't it burn and glare like the quiet between us?
Dirt-fed and tarnished, but I am golden
Underneath, and today won't flake and peel away
And what's in a name won't just fall away
Hand will unclasp, but blood's forever.

Give me a reason why things had to go this way
You hung on my back, your words across my face
Call it a slip of the tongue, call it your party phase
I'll call it "I don't owe you anything."

Chamber is loaded
With every promise you couldn't keep
Cross this line, cross hands and hearts
Like one drawn around a dream from yesterday
And the vultures and hawks circle over
In the heat of what you are:
A moment; and I'm tonight's first kill
Give me your fucking worst
I'll give you what's left
Track Name: Matrimony
All my friends are grey and red
Painted onto walls and palms of hands
That hold and seal the deal so tight
And some say love's an open door
But I say you're the breeze that blows on through
I felt that breeze on my skin, too
Lets me know it's real when all these old
Familiar faces I once knew came knocking

Sat around on the edge again
You wax and wane and hang
So low, I felt you there
I burned out
But I'm a quick machine
And this motor's rusted
So keep on calling
I'm just another thing you wasted

Be my gaslight or my hanging moon
Then fade away
So like you, but there is beauty in the strange

Staring at the records along the wall
I've digested more than my hungry stomach can allow
And all my first loves
They're getting married now.